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Hi, there!

We are Taisia & Gabriel and we are happy to introduce you to our soul project, By The Lake!

Our Lake House

Our Lake House

We’ve started from the simple idea of offering a different kind of accommodation , in the middle of the nature, where you can run with your family and friends and enjoy days away from the madness. 

Traveling is our biggest passion so we’ve found inspiration in our journeys around the world and took it home with us. In our Lake House, you will find Mexican and Cuban vibes along with Bali spirit, but Romanian touches as well. 

We have build and desgned the house on our own. Gabriel was the architect and I, Taisia, the interior designer. We wanted to stay close to nature so you will find lots of wood, natural stones, pampas and flowers. 

Our walls were handwritten with love by Raluca from Charmink Calligraphy.  Our shelves and decorations were handmade by Michael, Gabriel’s uncle.

We’ve participated in every detail: from choosing every vase and pillow, to the color of the walls and assembling the furniture. We have endless funny stories to tell you about this period, like almost burning the house while building the fireplace, but we keep them in store for when we will drink a cup of tea together 🙂

Our Lake View Terrace

Since we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful lake view that the house has to offer, we’ve built a 200 square meters terrace with direct access from the living room and kitchen. The main attraction (and our favourite part as well) is the wooden heated jacuzzi that can be used even on winter time.

To be honest, the first time we’ve tried it was snowing so beautifully that it felt like a fairytale. Even though we were only half done with building the house and had no windows, we needed to inaugurate the jacuzzi. A moment we will definitely never forget.

Our first guests came for a birthday party and the terrace was full of beautiful people. This is when we’ve realized that even though the villa accommodates 12-14 people that doesn’t mean we cannot organise bigger events. Being close to Bucharest and having the highway 2 minutes away was very helpful because guests can come and leave whenever they want.

We promote the Garden Party Concept with relaxed events between friends and loved ones. Our Terrace can host up to 50 persons and it is equipped with OFYR Barbecue, but also wood and gas grills. We take care of everything from food to drinks and candy bar, all with natural and premium ingredients. We love having our family involved so we can offer you the best services together.

The Garden & Wooden Pergola

While we were busy building the house, magic happened. Gabriel asked the question and I said “Yes”. With joy and excitement in our hearts, we’ve started looking for different wedding venues, but nothing seemed to match our dream.

We wanted a wedding in the middle of the nature, with a relaxed atmosphere, green grass, blinking lights and bales of hay. With sushi and lemonade bar. Gabriel wanted a cigar bar and I, Taisia, a boho arcade and lots of natural white flowers. And a piano. And gold cutlery. The list was endless and the venue too difficult to find. 

One morning, while Gabriel was drinking coffee on the terrace, I looked around and said: “We have a 3000 square meters garden, let’s do it here!” And so the adventure began! 

We’ve worked all summer 2019, from sunrise till midnight (sometimes even after) to fulfil our dream. The beautiful part was having our families involved in every step.

Our Magical Day

On September, 7, we had the most magical day of our lives so far: Our Civil Ceremony at By The Lake with all our loved ones by our side.

We managed to check all on our lists: green grass, blinking lights and bales of hay, handmade wooden lemonade & cocktail bars adorned with memories from Havana and Tulum, handwritten decorations from our lovely Raluca, cuban cigar bar, fresh sushi from the talented Chef Florin, my boho arcade and a piano for the ceremony, white natural flowers and wooden chairs and tables.

After experiencing on our own, we can say we are ready for you and your event!

We want to get to know you and create the celebration of your dreams. We encourage you to imagine your special day and we help you achieve it. There is no bigger reward than talking to our guests after the event is over and seeing happiness on their faces.

By The Lake is a family project where we are almost always present. Both Gabriel and I, Taisia, are here for you every step of the way. My mother & grandma and Gabriel’s uncles & cousins are involved as well.

When we have to collaborate with someone, we always choose the best options. We know all our collaborators and they become part of our family. This way, we can guarantee the success of your event.

Let’s have a coffee together and talk about dreams!


Taisia & Gabriel

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Are you dreaming of a classically romantic wedding, raising flutes of champagne by a lake terrace at sundown?  Let us know the details of your event and we will make it happen.

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Taisia & Gabriel,

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