Decor and logistics

Your event is our business card! We want to represent you and help you customize it the way you want. Through our in-house florist LEVA FLORALS we offer you complete decoration services: from floral arrangements and areas only good for posing to bouquets, candles, cutlery, tableware or decorations.

Because everyone is different, LEVA FLORALS has prepared catalogues with inspirational designs, offering several price options to fit your budget. These can be customised according to your requirements. You can also send us pictures as an inspiration model, the desired colours or a specific theme and we will prepare a Mood Board with all the details, including the price, which we will present to you. If you have a budget in mind, we try to fit it in so that we can meet all your wishes.

Being an outdoor location, with lots of greenery and wood, we will try to fit in as best we can with your chosen decor and create a heartfelt story for you on your big day!

*External vendors are allowed on site for floral arrangements and decorations.

Floral Arrangements

We love flowers and love to play with them so that the decor of your event matches what you want:

– Pastel shades for a romantic wedding

– Greenery arrangements to match nature

– All white for an elegant, pure event

– Soft blue to add a splash of colour or a Greek theme

– Shades of terracotta or burgundy for an autumnal setting

– Burst of yellow and sunflower for a summer setting

– Citrus and colourful flowers for a Mediterranean twist

– Lemons and shades of yellow and blue for an Italian decor
Prices vary depending on the type of arrangement you want, the flowers you choose and the season. In the catalogue presented on request you will find 3 price options for each decoration, which can be personalised according to your wishes.

Event decorations

Floral arrangements beautify any venue, but they’re not the only ones that can add a little something extra to your event. That’s why we’re always adding new logistics to our portfolio to create the décor you want.

Maybe you’re imagining a wedding with gold cutlery and fancy plates, maybe you’d like coloured christening glasses, glass or wooden candlesticks, napkins or crosspieces in certain colours. If you’ve decided on a particular theme, we’ll try to help you with whatever we can:

– Golden cutlery

– Elegant serving plates with gold details

– Patterned plates

– Coloured glass tumblers

– Elegant clear crystal glasses

– Napkins and crossbars in various colours

– Candleholders, holders and vases in various designs

– Wooden arches

– Rattan chairs, armchairs, vintage sofa

* Plain white plates, silver cutlery and clear glass tumblers are included in the rental cost of the venue.

Photo panels, arcades and areas just right for taking pictures

We want each event to be different and personalised to best suit you. In addition to service providers such as ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, photo booths, etc., we can also create different seating areas that can also serve as focal points on photos with your loved ones.
Below you’ll find the most used ones, but with your help, we can think of other unique options!
– Picnic area on the grass with low tables and cushions
– Cigar bar with vintage sofa, armchairs, wooden barrels
– Wooden photo booth with lights, vintage sofa/rattan chairs/floral decor
– Arcade decorated with flowers or balloons
– Rattan chairs decorated with flowers or balloons
– Other decorations
We’re always open to new things and can’t wait to put our imaginations to work, so we welcome your suggestions to create the event you want!

We look forward to having coffee with you and talking about your event!

With love,

Taisia and Gabriel

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