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Our story

We are Taisia and Gabriel and we are happy to present our soul project By The Lake!

If you’re looking for a location for relaxed events among friends and loved ones, we may have the perfect answer. We promote the “Garden Party” concept in our two locations BY THE LAKE and A-BY THE LAKE, located just 25 km from Bucharest.

We can take care of everything and prepare an A-Z event for you: from food with live cooking sessions to open bar and candy bar, all with natural, quality ingredients. From flowers and decorations to music, photographers and photo booth. 

Over the years we have built up a beautiful team ready to help you every step of the way. We also like to have family involved with us so we can provide you with the best service.

We want to get to know you and create the event you’ve been dreaming of! We encourage you to imagine your special day and help make it a reality. There is no greater reward than talking to our guests after an event and seeing joy and contentment on their faces.

By The Lake is a family project where we are with you throughout the event and planning!

How did it all start?

It all started from the simple idea of offering a different kind of accommodation. In the middle of nature, where you can take a getaway with family and friends to enjoy a few days away from the madness of the city.

Travelling is our biggest passion so we found inspiration in our adventures around the world and brought it home with us. In our lakeside cottage, you’ll find memories of Mexico and Cuba, Balinese influences and of course traditional Romanian.

We built and decorated the lake villa ourselves. Gabriel was the architect and I, Taisia, the interior designer. We wanted to keep close to nature so you’ll find a lot of wood, natural stones, pampas and flowers.

Our walls were lovingly painted by Raluca from CharmInk Calligraphy. The shelves and decorations were handmade by Michael, Gabriel’s uncle.

We were involved in every detail: from choosing vases and cushions to colouring the walls and assembling the furniture. We have countless funny stories from this period, such as how we almost burned down the house while the fireplace was being built, but we prefer to share them over our first coffee together.

First guests

Because we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful lake view, we built a 200 sqm terrace with direct access from the living room and kitchen. The main attraction, and incidentally our favourite part, is the wooden Jacuzzi with salt water heated to 42 degrees, which can also be used in winter.

To be honest, the first time we tried it, it was snowing like a fairytale. Even though we were only halfway through the house and didn’t even have all the windows, we had to unveil the Jacuzzi. A moment we’ll never forget for sure!

The first guests came to celebrate a birthday, and the patio was full of beautiful people! That’s when we realised that even though the villa sleeps 12 people, that doesn’t mean we can’t host larger events. The proximity to Bucharest and the fact that the motorway is only 2 minutes away helped us because guests can come and go as they please.

That’s how we started to promote the “Garden Party” concept with relaxed daytime events among friends and loved ones in the small terrace overlooking the lake.

How did the Barn come about?

As we were building the house, our story changed in a magical moment. Gabriel popped the question, and I said YES. With great joy and excitement, we started looking for a different place to have our wedding. But nothing matched our dream.

We wanted a wedding in the middle of nature, with a relaxed atmosphere, green grass, lights in the trees and hay bales. With sushi and lemonade. Gabriel wanted a Cigar Bar and I, Taisia, wanted a boho archway and lots of natural white flowers. And a piano. And gold cutlery. And the list could go on and on so the location was getting harder and harder to find.

One morning, while Gabriel was having his coffee on the terrace, we looked around and said, “We have a 3000 sq ft yard, let’s do it here!”. So the adventure began!

We had less than 4 months to go, so we worked all summer 2019 from sunrise to sunset (sometimes even later) to make our dream come true. The best part was having our loved ones close by, getting involved every step of the way.

Our Magic Day

September 7, 2019 was the best day of our lives so far: Our civil wedding at By The Lake with all our loved ones by our side!

We managed to tick everything off the list: green grass, bright garlands and hay bales, wooden bars for lemonade and cocktails embellished with memories of Havana and Tulum, decorations painted by our dear friend Raluca, cigar bar with Cuban cigars, fresh sushi from the talented chef Florin, my boho archway and a piano for the ceremony, natural white flowers and wooden chairs.

After experimenting on us, we can say we are ready for you and your event! Especially since we’ve gained about 4 years of experience since then and have organized about 400 events!

We want to get to know you and create the event you’ve been dreaming of! We encourage you to imagine your special day and help make it a reality. There is no greater reward than talking to our guests after an event and seeing joy and contentment on their faces.

When we collaborate with someone, we choose the best options every time. We know all our collaborators and they become part of the family. This way, we can guarantee the success of your event!

A-By The Lake

The number of events has increased year by year and, out of a desire to offer more accommodation for guests and outsiders who want to experience BY THE LAKE, a second soul project was born – A-BY THE LAKE – 6 individual private villas located within a 2 minute drive with a wooden pergola hosting small events of up to 30 people.

If you haven’t visited us yet, now is the time!

We look forward to having coffee with you and talking about your event!

With love,

Taisia and Gabriel